Building a Bike Riding Community


TBUG is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation working to build a strong bike riding community in the Tamar region. We always need more members  and you can join for as little as $20. Anyone can come along to our rides ….it costs nothing and you are always welcome check out the details on the rides page.

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TBUG - building a bike riding Community - Life's better on a bike





We always need more members and you can join for as little as $20. Anyone can come along to our rides … costs nothing and you are always welcome. Check out the rides page




Our Rides and Cycling Map

TBUG Rides and  Launceston City Cycling Map

TBUG organises a range of rides to suit all capabilities from beginners to overnight tours. Our aim is simple – to get more people around our region to experience the fun and fitness that comes with riding a bike. Click here to go to our latest rides calendar. Just hover over the date to get more information click on the date to get the full info about the ride.

Our map is a great aid in helping you cycle around Launceston. For the first time, all the off and on-road bike trails and bike lanes are displayed in one simple and easy-to-read map. Its been a great success and we are now onto our third reprint since its release in 2016. Get yours today at the Aquatic Centre, Town Hall, Visitor Information Centre, QVMAG, and all the local bike shops. Or you can download it by clicking on the view link just below !!. Thanks to the City of Launceston for their continuing support for this intitiative .

PIcture courtesy of Chris Grose and On Your Bike Tours



Creating a better bike city

TBUG voice helps to build a better bike city

Making Launceston more bike friendly is the key task of the Pedestrian and Bike Committee of Council (PBC). TBug has two seats on the PBC. This gives us an effective voice in how Launceston builds a stronger bike riding culture. Yes it is sometimes a frustratingly slow process but it provides an invaluable opportunity. This committee is chaired by Ald Hugh McKenzie and also involves Ald Karina Stojansek as well as senior council staff. The two Tbug reps are Malcolms Reid and Cowan. Follow our reports in the newsletter and/or contact us at anytime if you want anything raised.

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Latest TBUG news headlines and joining up

TBUG at Festivale  – February 2 – 4

TBUG will again be providing a bike parking service at this great event. This year we will be operating on Friday night as well as Saturday and Sunday. If you ride you will get a free wine glass or drink container token from us. Find us just inside the Tamar St main gate entrance. More details on the events page or contact us if you want to help or need more info.

Bike Week 2018 4 -11 March

TBUG will be organising lots of great events during this week. Watch this space for our events calendar or follow developments on our facebook page. More details on the events page or contact us if you want to help or need more info. See you in Bike Week

Dont forget

Becoming a member helps TBug to organise more rides and supports our campaigns for improved infrastructure, safety and culture for ALL bike riders – recreational, commuter and serious road riders. You can join for as little as $20…

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Our Newsletter

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TBUG takes road safety very seriously. We believe that bike riders just like drivers have an obligation to obey all road rules and other related laws such always wearing a helmet and using lights. Responsible behaviour on the part of cyclists is a is a vital part of developing a stronger bike culture in our region.

For example TBUG has worked closely with other organisations such as Cycling Tasmania, Bicycle Network and Cycling South to lobby the state government to agree that bikes can be ridden across pedestrian crossings. For further details click here

Some key road rules for cyclists

You are not permitted to ride within 2 metres of the rear of a moving motor vehicle continuously for more than 200m. Riders are not permitted to be towed by another vehicle or hold onto a moving vehicle.
To be more visible on the road cyclists you are allowed to ride to the front of queued traffic and ride 2 abreast. Be patient and use common sense.
Cyclists can pass on the left of traffic banked up at lights provided cars are not indicating to do a left hand turn. Stop before the same holding line or in the green box . However the law is not entirely clear so take care. Tbug has sought clarification on this issue from the state government. More information will be posted soon.
In Tasmania, cyclists are allowed to ride on the footpath, unless marked otherwise; pedestrians have the right of way and both users should keep to the left.

Interesting facts

US Research has found that running a full time light is better than no light at all. A flashing tail light is safer than a steady (always on) tail light. A steady light worn on your ankle or heel makes you even more conspicuous. Colourful (and fluorescent) clothing is fine for the torso, but even better at letting people know you’re a cyclist, is wearing fluorescent on your legs!

Specific Rides And Events




TBug organises heaps of different rides and occasional other events. Check them out here. Just hover over the date for extra info and click on it for full ride contact details and more!