Building a Bike Riding Community

TBUG is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation working to build a stronger bike riding community in the Tamar region.You can join for as little as $20.  We work with local and state governments and organise rides for all levels from beginners to experienced. Anyone can come along to our rides ….it costs nothing and you are always welcome out the details on the rides page.

Photo courtesy of Chris Grose and On Your Bike Tours

TBUG - building a bike riding Community - Life's better on a bike

We always need more members and you can join for as little as $20. Anyone can come along to our rides … costs nothing and you are always welcome. out the rides page

Lots of Spring Action - Rides and important events - see below

Fantastic Membership benefits when you join buy TBUG membership & Insurance via Australia.

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Latest TBUG News and Updates

Latest Newsletter out now….click here to get copy

Also AGM Thursday October 29…details below

Lots of great community rides and events coming up – so you can spring into bike riding!!

TBUG has partnered with On your Bike Tours and Great Regional Cities program to run some community rides for all levels from November through to March. The first of these will be on Saturday November 7 leaving  Royal Park at 10:00am.  Have fun, get to know your city and feel good all round!

Some dates for your spring riding calendar. Thursday night rides will be resuming first week of October from Royal Park    …enjoy some scenic and fun rides around Launceston Trails. As well there are some major community rides coming up.

But wait there’s more!! This year the Junction Arts Festival Tweed Ride will be held on Saturday November 28 and the now famous Sally’s Ride on Sunday November 29. AS always there will be lots of rides of varying lengths and challenge. This year there is a new community Ride of around 25K around Launceston Trails and streets. TBUG is the key partner in this event. For more info re Sally’s Ride click here 

Visit the rides calendar for further details of all these rides!

Active Transport  ideas taking back seat says TBUG

See Sunday Examiner 21 September. “Report after report but little real action over the last decade…”

active transport in CBD 2020_09_20final

TBUG AGM – Thursday October 29 from 6:00pm 

Join us for the traditional free pizza at the Newstead Centre, Olive St from 6:00pm. The bar will be open of course!!.

This year’s guest will be Launceston great Graeme Gilmore who will talk about his life in – from biking around Invermay to the professional track world of Europe.

Of course as with every AGM we will elect a new committee. Please consider making a voluntary contribution to the TBUG world. It’s fun, not too onerous and we now know that there are great personal benefits in contributing to community life!! If TBUG is to survive we need to have a strong active committee to keep the show on the !

Please RSVP so we get an idea of how many pizzas to ! email 

How well do you know Launceston??

You may think very well, but here’s a chance to test yourself as well as friends and family with our TBUG Bicycleteering challenge. Click on the link below for the clues  Find the place – give your answer using the clue. The answers are listed here too but we trust you wont cheat!!!

You may have to hunt around for some. The total route is about 6.7km. and we guess it will take about  about 1½ hours. Let us know how you go by email at

 TBUG Cycleteering Clues 202007

TBUG Cycleteering Answers 202007

TBUG is back but we must ensure that all our rides meet current COVID-19 Public Standards.

Pre Ride Riders must self-assess before attending a ride.  Do not attend a ride if you:

  • Are supposed to be in quarantine,
  • Are showing any signs or symptoms of cold, flu or respiratory distress such as , , , sore/itchy throat, or shortness of
  • If in the last 14 days you have been unwell
  • If in the last 14 days you have had contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19, or someone in quarantine or showing signs of cold, flu or respiratory distress above.


  • Hand sanitiser will be provided.
  • 5m distances must be adhered to during the briefing.
  • Avoid sharing equipment.

Droplets are spread through coughing, spitting, snorting and sneezing. Every rider must take personal responsibility to others not to do spread respiratory droplets in this manner.

During the Ride

Riders can ride in pairs with a minimum 1.5 m side-by-side separation and with a minimum of 10m from cyclists in front.

Post Ride

  • Socialising after the ride will also be governed by Covid-19 restrictions.
  • While we are very keen to support local businesses, in- limitations may restrict the number of people who can attend.
  • Be aware of specific restrictions applying to bike riding may apply, for example do not place , helmets etc on shared areas.

It’s great to be back but please adhere to the restrictions so that we can all enjoy a continuing relaxation of restrictions.

Creating a more bike friendly city and region beyond 2002 – our vision

TBUG has set out some clear affordable and practical steps for creating a more bike friendly city and region. It is our contribution to building a healthier happier and more prosperous northern Tasmania. Click here to it out.

Did You know that walking and to work makes commuters happier and more productive…read more here

Brilliant New Guide for Riding in Tassie.

out this great new guide for around Tasmania produced by Network Tas. It is available at RidewithGPS. There are heaps of rides posted from all over Tasmania. They range from an easy and accessible City Sights Launceston ride to a 45km journey down the back roads of Bracknell. Thanks too to the TBUG ride leaders who contributed to this terrific guide. Lots of pics and maps included.

Interested in Local Bike Tours?

For local Launceston Bike Tours contact Alison on On Your Bike Tours Click here for more info.

Don’t forget!!! becoming a member helps TBUG to organise more rides and supports our campaigns for improved infrastructure, safety and culture for ALL bike riders – recreational, commuter and serious riders. You can join for as little as $20…

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Our Rides and Map

TBUG Rides & Maps

TBUG organises a range of rides to all capabilities from beginners to overnight tours. Our aim is simple – to get more people around our region to experience the fun and fitness that comes with riding a bike. Click here to go to our latest rides calendar. Just hover over the date to get more information click on the date to get the full info about the ride.

Our map is a great aid in helping you cycle around Launceston. For the first time, all the off and on- bike trails and bike lanes are displayed in one simple and easy-to-read map. You can download it by clicking on the view link just below !!.

PIcture courtesy of Chris Grose and On Your Bike Tours

You can also find great maps of Tasmanian Bike Touring Routes here. This is a detailed guide to the best routes across Tasmania


Our Newsletter

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TBUG takes safety very seriously. We believe that bike riders just like drivers have an obligation to obey all rules and other related laws such always wearing a helmet and using lights. Responsible behaviour on the part of cyclists is a is a vital part of developing a stronger bike culture in our region.

For example TBUG has worked closely with other organisations such as Tasmania, Network and South to lobby the state government to agree that bikes can be ridden across pedestrian crossings. For further details click here

Some key rules for cyclists

You are not permitted to ride within 2 metres of the rear of a moving motor vehicle continuously for more than 200m. Riders are not permitted to be towed by another vehicle or hold onto a moving vehicle.
To be more visible on the cyclists you are allowed to ride to the front of queued traffic and ride 2 abreast. Be patient and use common sense.
Cyclists can pass on the left of traffic banked up at lights provided cars are not indicating to do a left hand turn. Stop before the same holding line or in the green box . However the law is not entirely clear so take care. Tbug has sought clarification on this issue from the state government. More information will be posted soon.
In Tasmania, cyclists are allowed to ride on the footpath, unless marked otherwise; pedestrians have the right of way and both users should keep to the left.

Interesting facts

US Research has found that running a full time light is better than no light at all. A flashing tail light is safer than a steady (always on) tail light. A steady light worn on your ankle or heel makes you even more conspicuous. Colourful (and fluorescent) clothing is fine for the torso, but even better at letting people know you’re a cyclist, is wearing fluorescent on your legs!

Specific Rides And Events

TBug organises heaps of different rides and occasional other events. them out here. Just hover over the date for extra info and click on it for full ride contact details and more!