What is TBug?

TBug is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation working towards building a strong cycling community whilst increasing cycle awareness and safety in and around the Tamar region.

Our activities range from organising social rides and bike maintenance workshops to representing cyclists in local government decisions regarding cycling infrastructure and lobbying at state and federal levels.

TBUG Committee


Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting, TBug usually in September.

The committee is responsible for managing everything we do. This includes governance and compliance, financial management, rides, social events, newsletters, websites and facebook, advocacy and alliance building.



Office Bearers


President: Malcolm Reid
Vice President: Malcolm Cowen

Secretary: Karen Hawkins
Minutes Secretary: Peter Wheeler
Public Officer: Anna Povey
Newsletter: Di McHenry & Jeremy Torr
Treasurer & Member Services: Marie Spencer
Activities Coordinator: Sue Walker
Bike Shop Liaison: Malcolm Reid

Representatives on City of Launceston Bike& Pedestrian Committee:
Malcolm Reid and Malcolm Cowan
Representative on West Tamar Council Community Road Safety Partnership (CRSP):
Malcolm Cowan
Representative on West Tamar Highway Safety Committee:
Sue Walker
Representative on Tasmanian Bicycle Council:
Malcolm Reid
General Committee Members:
Jeremy Torr, Col Williams, Anna Povey, Alison Hugo.

From left, Malcolm C, Sue Walker, Di McHenry, Meg Lade, Alan Johnston, Christine Bowman, Malcolm R, Liz Ling (and Anna Povey taking photo). Absent: Mandy Millar and Emily Goss

With TBug, you can:

  • Participate in social rides and events.
  • Encourage new cyclists.
  • Participate in working bees.
  • Provide cyclist and driver education.
  • Promote the benefits of cycling for both cyclists and the broader community.
  • Help to improve cycling facilities (bikeways, routes, lockers, rails, reduced hazards, etc.) and increase cycle use.
  • Promote a cycling ethic in the general community and raise awareness of cyclists amongst other road users.

Join us to have your voice heard and enjoy the benefits of being member of the Tamar Bicycle Users Group.

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