What is TBug?

TBug is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation working towards building a strong cycling community whilst increasing cycle awareness and safety in and around the Tamar region.

City of Launceston Bike & Pedestrian Committee

TBUG currently holds two community representative positions on the Launceston City Council’s Bike Committee.

As part of our commitment to represent the cycling community and support the development of local infrastructure, TBug has taken an active role, providing data collection, recommendations and stakeholder feedback for bike-related projects including the Launceston Arterial Bike Route Network, bicycle parking infrastructure deployment and the development of recreational trails and commuter routes.

Council Involvement

TBug currently has representatives on the Launceston City Council’s Bike Committee and the West Tamar Council’s Community Road Safety Partnership (CRSP).

Through these areas of involvement, T-Bug has been instrumental in the deployment of infrastructure by providing recommendations from cyclist perspectives and community feedback.

  • Locations for deployment of bike parking within Launceston
  • Data collection, recommendations and stakeholder feedback for the Launceston Arterial Bike Route Network

Local Resources


Here you will find links to details on local cycling infrastructure and services as well as tips on cycling in the Tamar region.

Please feel free to download a map of bike parking facilities in Launceston.