What is TBug?

TBug is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation working towards building a strong cycling community whilst increasing cycle awareness and safety in and around the Tamar region.

City of Launceston Bike & Pedestrian Committee

TBUG voice helps to build a better bike city

Making Launceston more bike friendly is the key task of the City of Launceston Pedestrian and Bike Committee, (PBC). TBUG has two seats on the PBC. This gives us an effective voice in how Launceston builds a stronger bike riding culture. Yes it is sometimes a frustratingly slow process but it provides an invaluable opportunity!!. This committee is chaired by Ald Hugh McKenzie and also involves Ald Karina Stojansek as well as senior council staff. The two TBUG reps are Malcolms Reid and Cowan. Follow our reports in the newsletter and/or contact us at anytime if you want anything raised.

TBUG has taken an active role in supporting PBC by providing data collection, recommendations and stakeholder feedback for bike-related projects including the Launceston Arterial Bike Route Network, bicycle parking infrastructure deployment and the development of recreational trails and commuter routes.

We are currently working with Council to update the Launceston Transportation Strategy and develop a strategic agenda for active transport infrastructure improvements over the next decade.

Involvement with other councils

TBUG currently has representatives¬† West Tamar Council’s West Tamar Highway Safety Committee and Community Safety Reference Group.

Through these areas of involvement, TBUG has been instrumental in the deployment of infrastructure by providing recommendations from cyclist perspectives and community feedback.

State Government

Over the last few years TBUG has worked closely with Cycling Tasmania, Bicycle Network and the Tasmanian Bicycle Council to advocate on state issues such as passing distances, improvements to major highways such as the West Tamar Highway, the North East Recreation Trail and Bicycle Tourism Strategies.

If you have any comments and/or questions about this work please contact us